We would like to inform our customers of the challenges we are facing regarding Covid19 and the recommendations put in place by Alberta Health and our updated protocols in response to these challenges.

We ask that you do as much business as possible over the phone via text, call, or email. Only business that requires in-office interactions should be conducted in the office. We appreciate that this is difficult, but we are grateful that our customers have responded so well, thank-you for your trust in our staff. If you have built a crop plan with our staff, please utilize that in order to minimize office visits. If you have not, please call to discuss preparing one now if you wish.

With the busy season soon upon us, we are challenged with many more people moving through the office. We strongly encourage everyone to follow all AHS recommendations; social distance and conduct as much business as possible over the phone.


  • Maximum of two customers in the office at any one time.
    • We ask that customers not congregate in any part of the yard
  • All offices may be accessed externally via windows and paperwork slots.
    • Call the office ahead of your arrival to the yard or once you arrive
    • We will have your paperwork ready for pickup or electronically available for your approval
    • Proceed to the appropriate warehouse or plant
    • Wait at the warehouse for an employee to contact you
    • Your weigh slip can be left in the truck scale shack
    • We will also accept electronic versions of your weight slip
  • All buildings, the Crop Protection warehouse, seed warehouse, and fertilizer plants will be off-limit to all customers. Please always stay in or near your vehicle.
  • Paperwork can be passed to warehouse personnel from your vehicle or electronically via the office.
  • The former coffee room will be off-limits to all customers.
  • There will be a port-a-potty available near the water plant for customer use.

We encourage everyone to do their part and make this a safe and healthy season.

Thank-you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the Agro Department.


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