Your Co-op membership offers you a lifetime of rewards including the promise of high-quality products and service at competitive prices.

A Member

Simply by purchasing a lifetime membership at Neerlandia Co-op's Admin desk, you can become part owner of a continually growing and thriving community-minded business.


Online Membership Purchase

To purchase your Neerlandia Co-op Membership online head over to


Manual Membership Purchase – Fill out the form below, or download it and send it in.

The Admin desk is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and by email: [email protected].

Membership Application form:

I, the undersigned, do make application for membership in the Neerlandia Co-operative Association and do heartily agree with the principles set forth in the following statements of the above mentioned association:

1. The Neerlandia Co-operative Association Ltd. While operating in the interest of its members and therefore adhering to sound business ethics and conducting its business as regulated by its statutes and by-laws, nevertheless recognizes that its success depends upon the blessing of the Almighty God, the Supreme Ruler of life and therefore tries to conduct its business to God’s glory and the welfare of our fellowmen.

2. In dependence, therefore, upon God, all the meetings — board or shareholders — will be opened by calling upon God’s name in prayer, for guidance and blessing. Likewise, such meetings will be closed with prayer and thanksgiving.

3. Any applicant, subject to board approval, who in good conscience can agree to the above mentioned preamble and upon agreeing to purchase at least one common share ($25.00) of the association shall be registered as a member of the Co-operative.


Who can become a member?

Co-ops have an open membership. Many co-ops include minimum age requirements for members in their bylaws.

Being a co-op member means that you own a share of a business in your community.

How do I become a member?

To become a member:

  • You purchase an initial share in the co-op.
  • You receive a co-op membership number.

Why do I need a co-op number?

Every time you make a purchase at your co-op, you will be asked for your number, which is used to record your purchases. Your purchases are recorded because your share of the co-op’s earnings is based on your purchases through the year.

Can I use my local co-op number in co-ops in other communities?

Your local co-op number works only within the communities served by your local co-op. Communities served by other co-ops will not use the same member number. Each co-op is independent and has different policies regarding equity and cash back.

Do you have to be a member to shop at the co-op?

No, but by becoming a member you become a part owner of the business and share in the earnings of the co-op. You can also attend annual meetings, vote on resolutions and run for a position on the Board of Directors.

What is 'Co-op Equity and Cash Back'?

Earnings from the co-op are distributed to members based on their purchases during the year. Earnings are returned to members either as equity or cash, depending on each co-op’s financial situation. The cash portion is paid out to you each year. The equity portion is your money that is being held back by the co-op to help finance the business, and maintain and upgrade assets to ensure ongoing success.

When do I get my equity back?

Equity is normally paid out:

  • When you move away from the trading area or
  • When you reach a certain age as specified by the Board of Directors or • When the equity is paid to your estate.

Is my cash refund taxable?

  • A tax of 15% is withheld from refunds exceeding $100.
  • If your purchases are for personal use they are not taxable and you can claim back this amount as pre-paid income tax by using box 22 of your T4A and including this amount on line 437 of your income tax return.
  • If your purchases are for business purposes the amount of your refund can be included as part of your income tax calculation.